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Canvas printing, often referred as giclée print (pronounced `zhee-clay`, derived from French word meaning a spray or a spurt of liquid), is a type of digital fine-art, created typically using professional 8-Colour to 12-Colour ink-jet printers. These modern technology printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed prints of both the fine art and photography artwork. This technique of printing is based on the inkjet principle but it is far more advanced and sophisticated. It uses nozzles to print and is capable of spraying four million microscopic droplets of ink per second.

The term giclée print was coined back in 1991 to give the process a marketing name. It is now the accepted name by traditional visual artists, museums and collectors. Since then, giclée technology has gradually advanced in ways that were inconceivable at the time: resolution, output, gamut and colorfastness have improved steadily allowing to achieve incredible print results.


Red Art has been specialising in canvas art printing in London since 2006. Through a combination of our experience gained through these years and innovations in canvas printing industry, we have created standards that we thoroughly follow to produce our canvas artwork. Using the latest giclee canvas printing technologies, we produce our canvas wall art onto a high quality 360 gsm studio canvas which is then protected with 2 coats of artist varnish to ensure longevity.

We have extensive gallery of canvas designs and styles varying from modern abstract, landscape, scenery, panoramic to pop art and nature. We are very selective about the designs we showcase in our gallery, i.e. we only offer our customers a collection of photography, digital art and oil paint designs that we believe are aesthetically pleasing.

You can visit us in Camden Town London and Hitchin Hertforshire


For centuries artists have chosen canvas as the material to showcase their artwork. Prior to the 20th century, linen was used to make canvas when cotton wasn’t in common use. The surface of canvas was not perfectly smooth, therefore the texture had an effect on each painting when it was applied.

Today, most canvas is made from cotton. Cotton based canvas can achieve the same level of perfection as linen and in fact may be even a better material than linen for the production especially canvas printing. Moreover, cotton canvas can stretch more than linen and has a more even mechanical weave that can last for decades.

To produce our canvas artwork, we use 360gsm Décor Matte Canvas that has a cotton fibre base with a matte coating and an excellent colour gamut. The silky smooth finish makes this type of canvas ideal for both photographic and digital fine art reproduction providing wide colour gamut and highest resolution and saturation possible , while still offering the traditional look and feel of artist canvas.


We use finest ultra chrome inks available which allows us to deliver stunning, photo-realistic image quality canvas prints. The 8-colour we use has the widest possible gamut for a fantastic range of expression, with subtle shadows and highlights when printing either coloured or black and white artwork. Our canvas prints are reproduced in consistently manner which results in vivid, long-lasting colour artwork.